Brant Lake Wagyu Beef

Brant Lake Cattle is a family- owned and operated business which established its first Wagyu cross herd in 1993. Full blood Wagyu bulls and genetics were acquired in 1993 and bred to our commercial cow herd of which most are Red or Black Angus. We have since grown our numbers allowing us to share with other consumers this distinctive quality of beef.

We have been committed to refining our Wagyu cross herd to result in a superior tasting, consistent and healthy product.

Carmen Creek Bison

Our brand promise is your guarantee of a remarkable experience with Carmen Creek Gourmet Bison in every way, every time. Count on the premium quality and superior nutrition of pure lean bison products made without additives, hormones, stimulants or antibiotics

Benchmark Dry Aged Angus

Benchmark Angus is a third generation ranch that has been striving to breed Angus cattle that will meet the needs of the commercial cattleman since 1960. Stanley Munton, with son Douglas, started raising purebred Angus cattle in 1960 and Doug and son Michael now carry the torch. In 2000, Doug and Mike purchased the Morton Ranch, west of Warner, on the Milk River Ridge. The ranch, comprised of over 8,000 acres, is true cattle country.

Benchmark Angus has forged to the forefront of the Canadian Angus scene breeding the very top carcass cattle in all the land. Our cows are managed the same as any good commercial cow herd. The calves are not creep fed being raised on good short Southern Alberta grass and momma’s milk.

Hog Wild (Boar)

Hog Wild Specialties is owned and operated by Deb and Earl Hagman of Mayerthorpe, Alberta, Canada. With assistance from their children over the years, Jill, Greg & Will, they also own and operate Lily Creek Ranch (a two hundred head cow/calf operation) which they have had for 23 years. They started raising and marketing European wild boar in February of 1991. They consistently have about 300-700 animals of varying ages on site with access to numerous other farm raised animals from Canada. The animals are raised as naturally as possible with no immunizations or growth hormones. The animals’ diet is supplemented with minerals to ensure healthy animals. They are given products twice a year in their feed to control parasites. In the summer they naturally graze on pasture with access to a limited amount of grain while in the winter they are fed alfalfa hay, grain & silage. The farrowing sows are always fed some grain to ensure an adequate milk supply.

Maple Hill Natural Chicken

Maple Hill Farms is a local producer of free-range and certified organic free range eggs and poultry products from Abbotsford, BC. They pride themselves on using no animal by-products, no medications, and only vegetable based rations. Air chilled and vacuum sealed in transport, Maple Hill products are always delivered to the vendor in the peak of freshness, so consumers know they are getting only the best.

Maple Hill Farms free-range and certified organic free-range eggs are produced by hens which have the best quality of life they can be given. They are fed a ration which is vegetable based, non-medicated, and contains no animal by-products or growth hormones. They are allowed to roam freely outside during daylight hours most of their adult life and are completely cage free.


Nothing equals the taste of Montpak International Milk-Fed Veal. Remarkably tender and flavoured to perfection, our Milk-Fed Veal is an extra-lean meat that is always a pleasure for any dining occasion.

Montpak International Milk-Fed Veal is a product of consistently superior quality.

The meat’s creamy colour, velvety texture, tenderness, and delicate taste are highly valued by the most discerning buyers.

Naturally extra-lean and nutritious, Montpak International Milk-Fed Veal fits perfectly in a healthy and balanced diet. It’s a source of magnesium and iron and an excellent source of vitamin B12 and zinc. In short…a wise choice for delectably healthy eating.

Our producers pay careful attention to the calves’ diet. Calves are fed with a nursing milk formula – lending the veal its distinguished pale colour and tender quality. No growth hormones are ever used in the production of our veal.

In addition to the daily care provided by the producer, a qualified technician performs an inspection of the animals every week. This ensures the health and well-being of all calves, and their adherence to a quality diet.

Thanks to our traceability program, we can now identify each animal’s origins and track its movement. This system ensures health surveillance from the farm to the slaughterhouse, and helps protect the health of the herd…and the health of consumers.

Rocky’s Sausage Haus

Located on 4th Street, N.E. Rocky makes the best Sausages in town…..From sausage to cold cuts, bacon and more.

Sungold Alberta Lamb

Operating since 1974, SunGold Specialty Meats Ltd is a Federally Inspected, HACCP certified full service lamb and goat processing plant located in Innisfail, Alberta, Canada. Present ownership operating since 2011, have made significant upgrade investment and is committed to being an important connection in the value chain of the Canadian Lamb Industry. We are proud to work very closely with some outstanding western lamb producers to bring customers top quality; grain finished lamb products that will meet your expectations for consistency and value.

Sunrise Farms

At Sunrise Farms, we produce a wide variety of raw, ready to cook and fully cooked fresh and frozen poultry and meat products for retail, foodservice and commercial customers. What if you need a product that is not listed on our website? At Sunrise we are dedicated to product development. If you require a special item for your unique application, we have the flexibility to make it happen. We take pride in our ability to develop customized solutions for our customers

Alberta Platinum Grass Fed Alberta Beef, Pork & Chicken

Our Angus beef is grown locally and naturally without the use of antibiotics or growth hormones by ranchers that are committed to being good stewards of the land. The Hutterite culture has always been to care for the land, its animals and its people. Maintaining these practices, we have chosen to produce Angus Beef and Platinum Alberta Grass-Fed Beef.

4K Farms Berkshire Pork

4K Farms was established in 2014, and named after our family! Kent, Kassie and thier two daughters Klair and Karla.

The Homestead is located near the small town of Swalwell, Alberta. Where Pigs, Rabbits, Chickens and a small numbers of cattle are raised.

4K raises animals without the use of antibiotics, they are fed a 100% plant based diet free of animal by-products.

Nimitz Grassfed Beef 

At Nimitz Beef we believe in a wholesome product. The word “Wholesome” to us symbolizes what is wrong with mass produced beef available in most supermarkets today. We are different, we believe in basing our production around values. Values that result in a healthier animal, a healthier cut of meat, a healthier environment and hopefully a healthier you.

We achieve a wholesome product by sticking with our values, values based around embracing nature, treating our animals with respect and some good old fashioned cowboying with our horses.