About Gour-Mart

Gour-mart is Located at:

#64, 7930 Bowness Road NW
Calgary, Alberta
T3B 0H3

Jan – Aug: By Appointment Only
Sep – Dec:
Mon-Fri (8am – Close)
Sat (11am – 5pm)

Please phone for current day closing time.

Phone: (403) 288-4696

The present day Gour-Mart was established in 1961 by Beno Pflantz, which at that time was known as Bowness Sausage, in the corner mall, on 77th Street and Bowness Road N.W. Bowness, Alberta.

With a vision for the future and the wish to carry on the family tradition, The late Fred Capune purchased the Gour-Mart in April of 1968. Fred was born in Berlin, Germany and was the 3rd generation of meat/sausage shopkeepers, trained by his father.

The Gour-Mart name came into existence when Fred’s vision was to focus on the “Gourmet” aspect of the meat cutting/sausage business and the availability in the market.

Fred’s son Darrell was born in May of 1963 and in the family tradition, started working in the family business in the 7th grade. In 1985, Darrell started running operations with his father, and in 1995 Fred retired and Darrell continued the family business.

With Gour-Mart now becoming part of the Community Meats family, the tradition of producing high-quality game meats and sausage continues.

Cuts are brown poly/paper wrapped, labeled, then blast frozen.


Animals are charged on the weight brought in. All meat must be boneless when brought in. Please do not age your animal. Especially if you want sausage or jerky. If your animal is too aged, we will only cut it for you.

Sausage Making

All meat must be clean, lean, no gristle or fat and NOT aged. The fresher the meat, the better.

All our sausage is gluten free, lean, low salt and only have quality ingredients. All spicing is from scratch – not from generic spice mixes. You will taste the difference. All sausage prices are net as finished weight. Pork trim, making, smoking, cooking, drying and boxing are included in the price per lb. Boneless meat is welcome, fresh or frozen.

For every 20 lbs of meat, you receive 32 lbs of sausage back, 25 lbs = 40 lbs and so on.

Please pick your order up as soon as possible, when we phone you – it’s ready.


Whole muscle for slicing meat must be fully skinless (Denuded) No fat or gristle – biggest muscles possible. Hip and loins are the best. Minimum order is 10 lbs of raw meat per flavour. Jerky is priced on (wet), sliced weight meat. Drying loss is approximately 55%.

Original, Teriyaki, Pepper
$5.49 per lb

Fresh Sausage

We can Custom any Raw Sausage to your liking, we have numerous restaurants using their very own recipe and we just make it , stock and ship it!